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Daniela Court Otaola

Daniela has over 10 years experience in corporate finance at Procter & Gamble, where she steadily climbed the corporate ladder to lead large teams in strategic and financial departments and was offered the role of CFO in Venezuela. Her career includes roles in logistics, strategic revenue management, risk management, capital and personnel budgeting, and financial planning, among others.

Before joining P&G, Daniela graduated cum laude from Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas,Venezuela, with an Industrial Engineering degree. She recently enrolled an MBA in Social Media (The PowerMBA Spain).

Today, Daniela’s production engineering skills help her identify simple and
creative solutions to complex problems for her business clients.

In 2018, she co-founded her first entrepreneurial venture, a children’s clothing company, Beenené. Seeking excellence and superior quality, and implementing Daniela’s business plan and vision, the brand continues to see growth, including a brick-and-mortar store. Beenene is the first “Made in Venezuela” brand to sell to Maisonette, one of the most exclusive children’s e-commerce stores in the U.S

Being with her kids is an inspiration for Beenene — she values family life and the purpose it brings to professional endeavors.

To LeDot Consulting Firm, launched in February 2021, Daniela brings a unique blend of experience from both her corporate and entrepeneurial background.

She is passionate about helping individuals thrive and reach their goals through a positive, collaborative environment. Daniela launched LeDot Consulting Firm in February 2021, bringing her unique corporate and entrepreneurial experiences together in this new venture.

Alongside her team of experts, each with +10 years experience in a core business area, LeDot Consulting provides business owners and corporations the necessary skills and structure to achieve enduring growth.


In November 2021 Daniela was recognized as one of the Top 40 World ex-P&G Leaders driving positive global impact through her contributions with LeDot Consulting Firm and Beenene.

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