Connecting the Dots
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We offer personalized, one-on-one consulting services with experienced industry professionals in every area of your business.

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Finance & Business Planning

Create your business plan and implement desired changes. Bring efficiency to the heart of your business and achieve sustainable growth.

• Business Plan Design: Ideation & Transformation.
• Strategic Financial Planning & Revenue Management.
• Business Analytics: KPIs, goals, and scorecard implementation.
• Pricing & Sales Strategy.
• Risk Assessment.
• Corporate Transformation.

Marketing & Branding

Transform your marketing strategy to win your customers' hearts and minds by creating a purpose-driven brand.

• Branding & Company DNA.
• Brand Purpose (What, How, Why).
• Marketing Campaigns: inbound/outbound, Facebook & Google Ads.
• Consumer Journey and Understanding (B2B, B2C).
• Digital Strategy: design and execution.
• Training for your Marketing Organization.

Content Creation & Storytelling

Deliver your content in a clear, compelling way.

• Website Content.
• Digital Print & Marketing Copy.
• Company presentations, investor decks, business proposals.
• Blogging & Articles.
• Content For Internal Communications.

Web Design & E-commerce

Fuel your brand with appealing web design and e-commerce integration to maximize sales.

• Website Design: Site & Content Planning.
• E-commerce Development.
• Website Management & Customer Training.
• Blog Design & Support.
• Email Marketing Development & Implementation.
• App Design.


Outsource logistics to efficiently fulfill orders across the US, the Caribbean and Latin America.

• E-commerce & Amazon Order Fulfillment.
• Warehouse & Inventory Management.
• E-commerce Operations.
• Framework for scalable & Efficient Supply Chain Operations for the Caribbean and Latin America.

Graphic Design

Delight your customers with an elevated brand aesthetic, digital content, and product packaging.

• Corporate Identity & Image.
• Digital Content Design: Social Media, Ads, Emails, Ebooks.
• Print Marketing Materials Design: Brochures, Catalogues, Tradeshows.
• Iconography & Infographics.
• Packaging Design.

Legal Advisor

Corporate counsel for your business.

• Company Creation: CA, LLC, Corp.
• Registered Agent.
• Acquisitions & Divestiture.
• Legal relationship with clients, employees, and vendors.
• Trademarks & Patents.
• Liability Insurance.

Human Resources & Leadership Coaching

Enhance your investment in people and create empowered, high-performing teams.

• Organizational Design & Redesign.
• Lean Organizational Structure.
• Talent Assessment & Review.
• Personal and Professional Coaching.
• Group Workshops.
• Tailored Organizational Training to Tackle your Company's needs.
• Insurance Policy.

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Ready to Connecting the Dots for a Brighter Future?

Founded by Daniela Court Otaola, we are a boutique consulting firm that offers personalized consulting for start-ups, small businesses, and corporationsproviding guidance on a 1:1 basis, with special focus on business planning. With 10+ years specialized experience in key areas, our team will help you understand, improve, and connected the dots of your company in a 360 degree review. Join us for a brighter future!

Do you have an idea for a startup?

We can help bring it to life!
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Do you have
an idea for a startup?

We can help bring it to life!
Contact us for an initial consultation

Multinational Corporation?

LeDot is your one-stop solution

We work with you to design tailored solutions for your corporation. Our team members have corporate experience and can help you deliver executive trainings, design lean organizational structures, optimize logistics, and create customized corporate programs. Contact us to learn more.